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Ensure your data's safety with our robust Backup and Recovery hardware solutions. Tailored for reliability and quick data restoration, our systems minimize downtime and protect against data loss, making them essential for your business continuity plan.
Salvador | Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU)

Salvador | Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU)

The solution includes a Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU), including 3 NVMe disks that perform backups of the entire disk:
OS, Licensing, configurations, and data files.
The CRU is connected to an end-point, with only one NVMe disk connected at any given moment. The other 2 disks are securely isolated from any external connection. Once attacked, use a one-click activation to a fully automated recovery process
  • 512GB - 4TB optional
  • On-prem air-gapped technology
  • Easily activated. No IT knowledge is needed.
  • Reduce risk for attack by safe and easy patching
  • Honey pots for malware detection